Two centuries

of history


Photo vintage vigne Chavy

the Chavy family

The story of the Chavy family dates back over six generations to 1820.

It began with Gérard, who acquired the estate and extended the land under vine year on year.


Gérard, Jean-Louis’ father took over the business and increased the area of vines from year to year.



new generation

Then it was the turn of Jean-Louis, Gérard’s son, to take over the helm. He oversaw the construction of a new winery, the acquisition of new plots, and a more modern approach to the vinification process, all of which improved the quality of the estate’s wines.

Portrait Famille Chavy



Jean-Louis’ son Paul then stepped up, returning to the estate after studying winegrowing and oenology and gaining some valuable professional experiences. He also developed a new and prestigious négoce business for the estate to widen out the range.


An exceptional place

The village of Puligny-Montrachet is ideally situated between Chassagne-Montrachet and Meursault. It is home to some of the very best terroir for the production of exceptional white wines.

The wines of Puligny-Montrachet are world-renowned, offering exceptional aromatic complexity and wonderful finesse.

The soil in Puligny-Montrachet comprises varying ratios of clay and limestone and some vines are even planted on the mother rock. They grow on gradients of between 10-15%.

Many qualities can be attributed to the wines of Puligny-Montrachet, but some are more frequently cited than others, including purity, complexity, elegance, power, precision, energy, and finesse.

Nothing is left to chance.
Every grape must reflect its terroir in order to produce wines that are the most characteristic possible.

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Work starts in the vines. Throughout the year, we nurture our vines with care and attention as they produce the year’s harvest. Every task throughout the season must be managed with rigor and respect.

Père & Fils Chavy
vendange Chavy

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Special attention is needed to ensure our wines can truly express themselves. Every intervention is carefully considered, and nothing is left to chance, neither in the vineyards nor in the winery.

The aim of the ageing process is to help the future wines take shape without rushing them. They must be respected so they can reveal their soul, purity, and energy. However, in order to respect the wine, one must first understand it, which it is one of the most critical stages in the creation of great Burgundy wines.

Our quest for excellence is ongoing and we work with total respect for the terroir combined with a modern approach to ensure pure wines with great depth, and a slight tension to ensure they can be kept for longer.

Vendange Chavy porteur
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